Congratulations on your engagement!

In the whirl of wedding dresses, venues and flowers, it’s important to remember that the ceremony is the heart of your wedding. This is the time you declare your love and commitment to one another in front of all your friends and family. The part in which you are married. And without a marriage, there is no wedding day! So choosing the right celebrant for your special day is essential.

I understand that no couple is the same. Your journey as individuals and as a couple, your needs and your expectations for your ceremony will be very different to others. So it’s important for me to get to know you well and to find out what you are all about. I am passionate about creating a magical day for you that you will treasure forever, so I will draw on your values, beliefs and individuality to enable your dreams become your reality.

I’m really happy to answer any questions you may have – just give me a call on 021 140 6632.