If you have lost someone you were close to, not having them with you on such a special day can be really tough and although they can no longer be there in person, they are certainly with you in your heart. It can be nice, during your ceremony to take some time to acknowledge those special loved ones. And there are several ways to do this, lighting a candle, having a photo of them present, carrying something of theirs on your person and of course, in the words of your ceremony.

Those we love don’t go away
They’re still beside us everyday
Unseen, Unheard, but always near
Still loved, still missed and very dear


Like most women, I’m a sucker for a great pair of shoes, and lets face it, sometimes practicality simply is not a consideration.  It seems like a funny part of the wedding for a celebrant to talk about, but I have watched some lovely brides suffer.

Comfortable shoes are important! If you are one of these incredibly fortunate women who could walk a marathon in stilettos, then you have my admiration and envy! But do remember, you are going to be standing for a very long time, and aching feet can really take away a lot of your enjoyment of the day. So can having white silk stiletto heels sinking down into the dirt. So do give the practicalities some thought (as boring as that is), and be kind to your feet!